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The Lich King Arthas statue is 26 inches high and WOTLK Gold weighs more than 40 pounds. It comes at a premium price of $1100. A Prince Arthas concept art print can also be found in the current month's offerings at $30. but only during the period of 30 days. Every month, we'll introduce an original concept art print throughout the event, and each print will only have a period of 30 days to avail it.
Lich King Arthas Statue here at Blizzard Gear Store

The new additions will be announced on the second Thursday of each month. Blizzard says From the Vault will be available in the second week of every month. From the Vault collection will contain pieces that span its wide variety of franchises, but hasn't revealed what else will be due to arrive in the next few months.

Prince Arthas Concept Art Print See at Blizzard Gear Store

From the Vault set From the Vault set joins other, lesser-priced anniversary merchandise that is already available on the Blizzard Gear store. Those include items like desk mats, hoodies and plushies. In addition, Blizzard has made other moves to celebrate its anniversary like sharing concept art and introducing new in-game items. The company also surprise-released the Blizzard Arcade Collection. It is a collection of three earlier games: Lost Vikings, Rock N Roll Racing and Blackthorne.

Meanwhile, the technical alpha for World of Warcraft : Resurrected an updated version of one of its other most famous games, starts today. Participants will be randomly selected If you are accepted into the game, you'll have the chance to play with three characters: the classBarbarian, Amazon as well as Sorceress.

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