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Summoning is another possibility for OSRS Items Rorgon. He will not summon Brutal Dragons if you are the only one. However, he is able to summon up 5 Brutal blue dragons when a clan is present, based on the size of the group. One of these dragons could start flashing periodically during the fight. Rorgon is invincible to the point that the dragon's defense will be raised. I suggest that the clan's leader focuses mostly on killing dragons. Dragons are able to respawn, and are quick to die if needed.

Rorgon will travel whenever his hitpoints fall below 5 percent. This gives Slayer exp as well as valuable items to the people who assisted him in dying. Possible drops include bolt tips Dragon hides, clue scrolls, gems, herbs keys, key halves Shield halves, seeds, and a type of dragon weapon I'll let you decide what it should be.

Dragon Pickaxe will not be an option because you will find a cave containing Red Axe henchmen, who could drop it in a future quest concept I'll be releasing. What are your thoughts on this?

Ok. I'm not trying to force my religion on anyone, but, this is my thought: Christian runescape will be an alternative version of the runescape, with the gods and stuff changed to different gods in the bible. The most well-known replacement god would be Zamorak - Satan. Saradomin: God Armadyl Asherah bandos : Baal Guthix :escarte Zaros : Dagon

The gods won't change in any way. There would also be a new policy: You can file a complaint against someone who is disrespecting a religion/ this applies to Buy OSRS Fire Cape anyone who is making fun of buddhist or atheist religions. For punishment, you may get your head muted.
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