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The forthcoming World of Warcraft feature film is scheduled to WOTLK Classic Gold begin filming by the beginning of next year, director Charles Roven has told SlashFilm."First quarter 2014 we're going to make that film," Roven said. "We're moving forward; obviously Legendary is making the film, and I'm having a fun with director Duncan Jones]."
The film's plot--written by Blood Diamond and K-PAX scribe Charles Leavitt-- is being kept "under secret." A past report pegged its budget as "north of $100 million."The World of Warcraft film has not been without controversy. Spider-Man director Sam Raimi - who was at one time slated to direct the film, claimed the film was a disaster in march. Blizzard Entertainment had mishandled the film.

Chief creative officer at Game company World of Warcraft fired back by saying, "I don't want to create controversy, but there are two sides to every story. ..."World of Warcraft the game had 8.3 million registered players as of the time of the end of March. The most recent expansion was Mists of Pandaria, which came out in September.

Blizzard: World of Warcraft isn't going to be pay-to-win World of Warcraft has more microtransactions available within the game than before (and it is believed that many more are coming in the near future), but it's not guiding into the direction of becoming pay-to-winas the creative director Alex Afrasiabi says.

"That is not a option we're comfortable taking in WoW," Afrasiabi told P2Pah in the present day during a sneak peek event for upcoming expansion Warlords of Draenor.

Pay-to play models can undermine players' trust as well as Blizzard isn't planning on doing that, Afrasiabi said.

"Game design", half of it is about trust. It is my belief that our playerbase trusts us implicitly. You don't wish to violate trust between the player and developer. And I think pay-to-win does that. I believe that's our position; we do not support pay-to-win games with World of Warcraft . This won't happen."

Earlier this week, news broke--but it was not confirmed World of Warcraft players might be able to pay $60 to auto-level a character to the current maximum of 90. The previous system required players to commit dozens of hours or more to reach the same level. A few fans saw this as an indication that the integrity of the game experience was being eroded.

Players can also use real-world cash on virtual goods like mounts, pets and in-game pets. These microtransactions come added to World of Warcraft 's existing 15-month subscription. It is likely that microtransactions will continue be a major factor in cheap WOW WOTLK Classic Gold the future of Blizzard in light of the fact that the studio has recently launched the "Microtransaction Strategist" business division.
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