The data is frequently checked against official figures

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The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 271,107 units sold in the week ended September 1, 2022 by VGChartz estimates FUT 23 Coins . The Switch has had an estimate of 113.56 million units over its lifetime.The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 269,257 units which brought its sales total to 23.99 million units. Its predecessor, the Xbox Series X|S has sold 186.016 units to bring the total sales of their lifetime in the range of 17.23 million.

PS5 sales in comparison to the same week for the PS4 in the year 2015 are down about 2,000 units. However, sales for that of Xbox Series X|S in comparison to the same week on the Xbox One are up by more than 73,000 units. PS4 has sold 27,306 units during the week which ended on October 3rd, 2015 and Xbox One sales were at 113,338 units.The PlayStation 4 sold an estimated 1,966 units and it was reported that the Xbox One sold 155 units.

Nintendo Switch sales compared to the same week one year ago have increased by 19,249 units (7.6%)) however, it is the PlayStation 5 is up by 6,485 (2.5%) as well. The Xbox Series X|S is up by 41,544 units (28.8%).The PlayStation 4 is down 23,247 units (-92.2 percent) per year, and in comparison, the Xbox One is down 4,019 units (-96.3 percent).

In a week-on-week comparison of sales, Nintendo Switch sales are down by almost 19,000 units. PlayStation 5 sales are up by nearly 21,000 units and Xbox Series X|S sales are increasing by more than 13,000 units.2022 to date, the Nintendo Switch has sold an estimated 11.84 million units. The PlayStation 5 has sold 7.01 million units and in the case of Xbox Series X|S has sold 5.92 million units.

VGChartz Methodology Data from hardware sources are calculated based on retail sampling and trends within individual countries. They are then expanded to encompass the entire region. This is typically able to calculate figures that may end up being within 10% of actual figures.

The data is frequently checked against official figures for shipment released by the console manufacturers and estimates made by regional trackers that have greater market coverage than us. We then revise our estimations to get them in conformity with the figures. It can lead to frequently changing estimates, usually within a short space of time however, we feel that it's crucial to put accuracy over coherence.

Note that our estimates are built on data from sell-through (units which are sold out to the consumer). The majority of figures provided by console buying FIFA 23 Coins manufacturers are based upon shipment data (sell-in) and once a console leaves the factory and is placed in the supply chain for delivery, it's considered to be sold. 
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