The Demon Hunter class is available to both Alliance

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With Illidan on the frontline yet again in WOTLK Gold the most recent expansion called Legion I wondered what the connection with the Night Elf antihero and introduction of the brand-new Demon Hunter class would be enough to plunge me back into peak World of Warcraft .
The Demon Hunter class is available to both Alliance with Horde factions. It is visually distinguished in appearance by Night Elf and Blood Elf versions as well as. Perhaps the most unique trait in the Demon Hunter class is its ability to double jump and glide while reducing falls and gaining a class-exclusive way to mitigate fall damage.

The greater mobility that Demon Hunter brings to the MMO can be used to start the class in the initial location, but I was able to see that it was not essential for advancing through the quest line. Save for a few slightly higher ledges and platforms, the same terrain meant that there was no necessity to double-jump and glide through the first zone.

However, jumping and gliding aren't all the tools that can be used to move within the arsenal of the Demon Hunter. The class also provides more speed in combat. This includes dashing at everything in your path with Fel Rush or performing the quick reverse leap to avoid enemy attacks timed using Vengeful Retreat. Metamorphosis can be used to transform into an enormous Demon by leaping up into the air before slamming into the ground and shocking enemies in close proximity. It was a great experience to play as a Demon Hunter was rarely stationary in battle, and it certainly made the fights more exciting.

While the new tweaks to movement aren't essential in the beginning the use of them as an addition to the Demon Hunter's fighting abilities gave a fluid feel that was previously missing from WoW. It was very satisfying to gather a group of mobs and then sprint through them with Fel Rush and stun, destroy them with Metamorphosis before doubling-jumping before gliding off to a new bunch of enemies. I was buy WOTLK Classic Gold constantly on the move--a marked change from the static nature of conventional World of Warcraft combat.
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