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TRACK STAR David Wilson's Madden NFL 23 career Madden 23 coins ended earlier than everyone expected However, the speedy former Giants running back has resurfaced as an Olympics potential. He'll be competing with his long- and triple jump in the Adidas Grand Prix, which takes place in New York City this Saturday against some of the world's best track athletes.
A TRIBUTE: Most rookies are required to sacrifice something in order to take numbers away from veterans But Dominique Rodgers Cromartie didn't think twice about letting Landon Collins have No. 21 in honor of Sean Taylor.

A BIT OF GRIT: Pats Pulpit mulled over Julian Edelman vs. Wes Welker comparisons , and wondered if the former could ever match the production of one of the most prolific slot receivers ever.

RECEIVER FACTORY: Behind The Steel Curtain examines the Steelers rapidly growing status as the top franchise in Madden NFL 23 at finding and developing amazing wide receivers.

1. It is difficult to officiate. Nothing makes you appreciate the old officials as much as watching referees award 200 pass interference penalties in the course of a game and yet missing one or two blatant penalties that change the entire game. God the replacements were terrible. Like, cartoon bad. Just a neverending blooper reel. It's still a mystery as to whether it was a clever comedy by Roger Goodell. In order to test if America would blink. And we did not! But at least, after Week cheap mut 23 coins 1. But then ...

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