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One thing to watch out for in OTW cards is when the upgrades are already priced in'. Everyone knows Man City are going to FUT 23 Coins beat 3/8 games to gain Haaland their first OTW upgrade, for instance which is a large part of the reason for his exorbitant price per game. Don't fall for the trap of buying players who will definitely get those three wins in the hope that they will climb when the time arrives. Most likely, it will simply lead to lots of investors trying to make money at the same time, driving the price down.
Ultimately, Ones to Watch cards can be predicted in some ways however they are also unpredictable in other. The unpredictability draws people to them, but knowing those predictable peaks troughs - buying in the down time, trading in the midst of hype - is how you can reliably make money from them.

As Jose Mourinho parking a bus, Watford sacking another manager, and Jurgen Klopp muttering about fixture congestion There is no football season completed without a new edition of FIFA.

This year's tournament, which is the last to sport the name before it change into EA Sports FC in 2023 is a great time to indulge in your footballing fantasies whether it's seeking to win the Champions League with Grimsby Town or assembling a world-class squad comprised only of players dubbed Harry.

As Jose Mourinho parking a bus, Watford sacking another manager, and Jurgen Klopp moaning over fixture congestion and fixture congestion, no football season FIFA 23 Coins buy can be finished without a new version of FIFA.

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