Being able to customize your kits is a big deal as most...

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As we saw with the Pro Clubs deep dive, customization is FUT 23 Coins high atop the priority list for EA this year. While it looks like the Creation Center as we previously knew it won’t be making a return, in its place will now be the ability to create your club with a plethora of options to put your own unique stamp on ownership. Starting with the name and nickname to be used by the commentary teams (shout out to EA for adding Alex Scott who was excellent for both the Champions League and Euros), FIFA 23 allows you to also pick which league you want to play in with the option of replacing an existing club (adios Arsenal).
In all seriousness, I’d envision most hardcore career mode players to select a team near the bottom of the table or league structure and work their way up to the top flight. Kudos to EA for going the FIFA 23 route by letting you choose a rival, which will receive a little pre-match buildup and in-game commentary as you try and dominate your rivals.

Being able to customize your kits is a big deal as most Pro Clubs players will testify. EA doesn’t mention third kits as being an option, so here’s to hoping we can all create the one kit that won’t clash with any other jerseys. If you support a real-life club, you know the excitement that comes from the upcoming year’s kit release, so it’s refreshing to see that you’ll be able to change not only kits but also crests and even your base stadium.

There are times when I think to myself, “Why are certain things available through one mode and not another?” Luckily for us, stadium customization is now one of those things that looks to be identical in both career mode and Pro Clubs. Everything from the color of the seats to the pitch pattern is customizable this year. Even the base stadiums you start out with are varied, with some traditional favorites like Crown Lane available to choose from. Options are always a good thing, and with the ability to FUT 23 Coins for sale change some of these options yearly there’s a solid starting point for those of you who like creating your own imaginary clubs.

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